Undark Magazine (re-published by Popular Science): The debate over umbilical cord screenings and stillbirth

The Delacorte Review (published in collaboration with Elle): A child dies before he can be born. His mother sets out to understand why.

Next City: For people who experience homelessness, art catalyzes economic mobility and rewrites the narrative

The Scientific American: How you can help stop invasive spotted lanternflies

WHYY: How Philly’s biggest 2020 real estate deal could create opportunities for Philly students

The Washington Post (cover story): She was pregnant and terribly itchy. Something was going very wrong

Wired Magazine: This voracious, unstoppable bug, is killing off vineyards

Grid Magazine (cover story): The sport of kings in the city of Brotherly Love

Grid Magazine (cover story): Finding your roots: farmers are growing the same crops that fed their ancestors with help from this seed company

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